Intersectionality 101

This podcast was recorded live at London Public Library. Rowa Mohamed discusses Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality and its implications in equity and inclusion initiatives.


Fish Out of Water: Episode 2 – #BlackInMSA

#BlackInMSA sheds light on experiences of black students in Muslim groups, and pictures what does it feel like to be “a fish out of water” because someone’s religion, skin colour, gender, and all three combined.


The Good, Great, Bad, and Terrifying: Adapting to the world of social media

This segment of the  Curious Public at Central Library series explores the question: “When we weigh all the pros and cons, does social media come out as a net good or as a liability for society?”. Featured guests are Rowa Mohamed along side Tim Blackmore, Emma Blue, and Carmi Levy.