Aeolian Debate : Ward 11 & 12 Candidates

This debate features Ward 11 & 12 candidates recorded on August 30 2018 at Aeolian Hall. Topics of discussion include: transit, safe injections sites, arts & culture, and taxes. Rowa delivers a captivating presence advocating for a #LondonTogether. Watch the debate to learn about Rowa’s vision for London alongside other Ward 12 Candidates:

Accessible Housing Volunteer Meet-Up

Accessible and affordable housing is very near and dear to my heart having grown in London Housing. I know the intersection between affordability and accessibility particularly for folks on fixed incomes. I believe Accessible Housing London has an incredible initiative in the works! I am proud to be a volunteer with this team!

Accessible Rides for Election Day

I am a champion for accessibility. I am aware of the appalling nature of paratransit and would declare a state of emergency for paratransit. Riders should not have to plan their schedule by booking rides 3 days in advance. In many cases, drivers arrive late or miss their scheduled time leaving the rider late to …

Rising Tide: Imagining A London Together

Hello London! I am inviting you to attend “Rising Tide: Imagining a London Together” on Friday, July 20th, 6pm-9pm, at 240 Waterloo st. “Rising Tide” is inspired by the wise saying ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ The evening will be dedicated to re-imagining our London community under the warmth of spoken word, the rapture …

My community

I grew up in London. All Londoners are my neighbors. And recently my team and I went to introduce ourselves to Londoners in ward 12. Ward 12 is a thriving and quickly growing community. We had the opportunity to speak to folks about their concerns and share a cold treat on a hot day. London …